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Buriram Cafe - Baan Bong Pha Ohn

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Here we visit Baan Bong Pha Ohn, a vintage style cafe and hotel in Buriram, Chaloem Phra Kiat District. We give you the summary in a nutshell. You can watch the vlog here: https://youtu.be/_6G2Nh72qpo

Location & Reception... This place is a sharp turn off the road to find but google maps will show you nicely, there in parking! You enter the cafe to the sound of fountain with reggae music and are greeted by friendly staff. The whole cafe is a museum of vintage televisions, radios and art. A real treat to look around before you get your coffee! The coffee is made by the owner as he has the skills, a joyful Rasta guy that speaks perfect English and had toured Asia in his beat up old beetle that still lies parked on the drive, albeit no longer useable!

Environment & Seating... The music is a real mix of Thai and western and not too loud. You can choose to sit in a variety of locations including more private ones by an old green pond around back. If you have kids you might want to keep them on a short leash, there is lots to break and many places to fall here, but they can still come along! There are many comfortable chairs and tables to choose from, for both old and younger patrons and a fresh breeze entering from all sides, with fans available in select areas. Note this is also a hotel, with vintage decorated room available for 650 THB per night (Nov 2020 price) Food & Drink... We did not request food, though I believe they do a simple breakfast. This place is more for coffee and their coffee is amazing, this is Thai style so do not expect a western cappuccino, the coffee is however delicious and immaculately presented. Try also the "Cha Num Yen", a classic Thai sugary iced tea! simply delicious! Summary... This is a great little cafe for a chilled vibe and a lazy afternoon in Buriram, if you need a pitstop the rooms are amazing as you will see in the vlog. Their Facebook is here: https://www.facebook.com/BaanBongPhaOhn/ #CafeInBuriram #BuriramCafe #Buriram #ThingsToDoInBuriram #BaanBongPhaOhn #BuriramRestaurants #CafeBuriram #VintageCafeThailand #Thailand #ThailandCafe #PlacesToGoBuriram

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