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Buriram Rice Field Cafe - Baan Na Thawon

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Here we visited a rice field cafe called Baan Na Thawon in Buriram Charlerm Prakiet District. You can watch the vlog here: https://youtu.be/vQJtuZsLqGo

Location & Reception... Beautiful and breezy location with ample parking, this is a great place for kids, but do keep an eye on them, They have converetd this rice field into a cafe and retaurant with many walkways and a gorgeous pond in teh centre. The staff are often quite busy so dont expect a huge welcome, but they are nice enough when serving.

Environment & Seating... The music is mainly Thai and upbeat, it seems many teenagers will bring their sweet hearts here for some teenage romance, nothing off-putting but they will be around. The busy periods are after 4pm so expect a wait if you dont get there earlier. The area is picturesque and the rice fields are actually real and farmed by the locals, so not just for show. There is ample choice on where to sit, from nice secluded booths, to hammocks, or a standrad table. They also do takeaway of course, but you would be mad not to sit in with these views! Food & Drink... Food comes from the restaurant next door and can be a wait, so order in advance and enjoy the views. The menu is predominantly Thai and worth the wait as it is delicious, and cheap! The coffee is high caffeine but not too much, there is a great choice and you can catch the menu in the vlog. Recommend the famous Cha Num Yen, as seen in the picture above (orange one) Summary... This is a great little cafe for a chilled vibe and a lazy afternoon in Buriram, a definite must when you are in the area!

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